One comment on “Adaptation: Writing About Writing

  1. The themes of “adaptation” are narrative and change. There is a constant change of narrative between Charlie and Susan narrating their struggles. Charlie’s struggles are his insecurities, and Susan’s, is her desire for passion. Charlie also struggles in finding a narrative that he likes for the movie he needs to write about Susan’s book. The narrative jumps between Susan and Charlie’s story chronologically. Charlie and Susan both change at the end of the film and enter a new chapter in their lives after someone they each loved died. It mirrored Johns story about how his changing point in life was when his brother died. The non orchid flowers at the last scene of the movie symbolize this turning point.

    The narrative in “Adaptation” is constantly switching off between Charlie and Susan. Both Charlie and Susan want to be active in their own lives. Charlie wants to take control of his love life and do the things he tells himself to do in his head. Susan wants to lead an active life by finding a passion. The switching off is a technique the producers used to lure the watcher with suspense about each story, which is all the more powerful because the two characters have the same goal.

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