2 comments on “Group Exercise: Giant

  1. In our discussion, we talked about the scene right after Jett hits oil where he goes to brag to the Benedicts. After he finds the oil, he finally thinks of himself as an equal to them. Jett gets in a fight with Bick and after hitting him, runs off in his truck to tend to his oil. This scene perfectly depicts the fight between old money and new money. In this movie, old money is displayed by the Benedicts and their cattle ranching, and new money is shown in Jett and his oil discovery.

    Nicole Canney, Mackenzie Happe, Steven Williams, Juan Hoyos Monroy, Chris Ambrosia

  2. In our discussion we talked about the scene in which Leslie was excluded from a conversation simply due to the fact that she was a woman. This scene is a pivotal point in the film because it accurately portrayed the sexist culture of the South during that time. Politics and business were reserved for “men talk”. Leslie, an Easterner, and Jordan, a Southerner, represent the culture clash, in terms of gender roles, between the Maryland and Texas way of life.

    Group 5

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