2 comments on “Group Exercise: The Shining and Mise-en-scene

  1. In “The Shining, a horror film by Stanley Kubrick, supernatural occurrences serve as a huge role. Jack’s son, Danny, has a somewhat demonic imaginary friend who he is seen constantly talking to. His imaginary fired, Tony, tells him to do certain things. Jack is told when applying for a job at the Overlook Hotel that one of the previous caretakers went crazy due to isolation and killed his family. The two deceased girls are constantly seen by Danny as some type of ghosts. As Danny seems to become more and more engaged in the supernatural world, so does Jack. Jack has almost completely lost his mind and begins seeing ghosts, such as previous caretaker, Delbert Grady. In a trance, Jack sets out on a hunt to kill his own family, due to the orders of the ghost of Delbert Grady. These supernatural events serve as role to the story as a whole. The story is called “The Shining” based off the fact that Danny has a gift of “shining” , a supernatural event where he is able to communicate with people mentally without actually speaking.

  2. Group 2
    One theme of The shining is childhood and, in particular, the loss of childhood. Danny is a young boy with psychological problems that cause him to see and feel things normal children his age would not. He is brought to an abandon hotel where he has visions of two young, twin girls. This also involves the theme of a loss of childhood because these girls are covered in blood and demon-like. They scare Danny and, in turn, are supposed to scare the viewer. They seem as if they are trying to harm Danny. A child harming other children is viewed as abnormal to society and shows the loss of childhood that is present in this movie. Danny becomes possessed with his “imaginary friend,” Tony, and becomes a completely different person. He does not resemble an innocent child any longer. His psychological problems take over and he cannot be viewed as child-like which plays an important role for this movie.

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