8 comments on “Mise-en-scene in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining


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  5. I do not think that anybody’s ever commented on the central isle in the opening shot being a tacit reminder ol Arnold Böcklin’s 1880s painting THE ISLE OF THE DEAD, also used by Rachmaninov as inspiration for his eponymous symphonic poem. That also ties in nicely with what Jameson notes above: that the island itself provides a final sense of focus (stability)? “From the moment we lose the consoling sense of focus and destination supplied by that island picturesquely centered in the lake, we are careening through space.”

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  7. Hello Mr. Byrne:
    Fantastic breakdown of the tank the various tableau elements in THE SHINING epic. I just started a two-year (online) MA Global Film/TV program and you are a delight to discover. Your insights are top shelf… Thx! Are you an instructor in media studies?

    I am working on my 1st semester (and final essay) and am still struggling with the approaches/concepts of Subjectivity and Interior ity specifically with The Shining. Any feedback would be super appreciated. Best,
    – MG Masterson

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