One comment on “In-class Writing: Far From Heaven and Ideology

  1. One of the most dominant themes portrayed in the movie is heterosexual supremacy. As shown in the film, Frank and Cathy are the “perfect” couple, idolized by many especially in Frank’s business inquiries. Yet, Frank has been keeping a secret from Cathy that he has had homosexual relations before. Homosexuality in the movie is portrayed as some type of sickness, and Frank resorts to doctors and therapists to help treat it. Cathy also looked at it as curable and supported Frank, constantly telling him he will get better and telling him she is proud of him for seeing a doctor. Cathy hid it a secret from her friends, for being homosexual would be seen as embarrassing. Modern views today say that homosexuality is not a disease nor curable, which is proven by Frank’s inability to love Cathy and winding up with a man at the end.

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